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T-Chek can help you develop a bulk fuel buying strategy through a network of qualified fuel vendors.

Fuel Management Outsourcing

In today's volatile marketplace, fluctuating fuel prices can make managing your business more complicated than ever, and there's no question that fuel costs more. But every gallon you buy is an opportunity to save money when you manage a larger fleet operating on high volumes. T-Chek's fuel management outsourcing program can work with your business to realize fuel savings by negotiating bulk discounts, analyzing buying habits, managing inventory, and finding new efficiencies in your operation. We act as your fuel manager, providing a full array of services and designing an overall fuel program to meet your business needs. Even better, we guarantee that you'll save money on fuel.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Terminal Fuel Services
The savings starts when you buy in bulk, from the best sources. T-Chek can help you develop a bulk fuel buying strategy through a network of qualified fuel vendors and transports so your business can start realizing the benefits of volume right away.

Truck Stop Fuel Services
Your fleet's buying habits can increase fuel expenses through hidden costs. T-Chek can analyze your business's purchasing history, traffic lanes, and specific needs to create a network of truck stops best equipped to service your fleet's needs at the lowest price. We can help your business:

Our Commitment to Your Business
When T-Chek's outsource fuel management team becomes your company's fuel manager, we take on every responsibility you would expect an in-house employee to fulfill. That means we commit to finding ways for your business to save money. But we also help your staff understand fuel cost breakdowns, surcharges, and market pressures. We write articles for your company's in-house publications. We provide fuel-tracking and performance reporting tools to your fleet managers. We also set out goals for our own performance, submit to quarterly reviews by your company, and work hard to exceed every commitment we make to your business.

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Other Services Offered Through eflatbed.com's Alliance with T-Chek
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Fuel Management Outsourcing

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