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The eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM

Track and control fuel expenses by equipping your drivers with T-Chek's powerful fuel management system.Fuel Card Service

Track and control fuel expenses by equipping your drivers with a powerful fuel management system. The eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM is accepted as cash at thousands of truck stops, giving your drivers convenience and flexibility, while you have full online visibility of transactions at home.

Manage your fuel expenses with the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM:

When your drivers take the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM on the road, they carry your instructions with them via information that is custom-built into the card. You control how much fuel your drivers can buy and at what stops, by pre-authorizing spending limits, gallon limits (fuel quantity), and hub purchasing limits (or timing of purchase) within your restricted fuel networks. When the limits are determined, the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM enforces them for you. You can authorize your cards on an individual basis (by tractor, trailer, driver ID, or card) or set limits that apply to your entire pool.

eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM
Fuel Card Service
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