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The eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM

eflatbed.com members can tap into savings by fueling at over 500 Advantage Fuel Network locations across North America.eflatbed.com Fuel NetworkSM

eflatbed.com members can receive exclusive discounts on fuel by filling up at any of the 350 eflatbed.com Fuel NetworkSM locations across North America. The eflatbed.com Fuel NetworkSM is an established, and growing, group of service locations that offer point-of-sale fuel discounts when carriers purchase fuel from that site and pay via the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM. These discounts result in cost savings to your bottom line.

Remember, you must be an eflatbed.com member to receive discounts via the eflatbed.com Fuel NetworkSM. To learn how to become an enrolled carrier with eflatbed.com, click here.

eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM
Fuel Card Service
eflatbed.com Fuel NetworkSM

Advantage Fuel Network

Cash and Express Cash Services
Pay-Chek Driver Settlement Service
Phone Card Service
Web Card Maintenance
Other Services Offered Through eflatbed.com's Alliance with T-Chek
T-Chek's Regulatory Compliance and License Reporting Services
Fuel Management Outsourcing

To learn more about the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM, click here.

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