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The eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM

No matter where your drivers are, you can give them instant access to their paychecks.PAY-CHEK™ Driver Settlement Service

When payday arrives, your drivers may be out on the road. No matter where they are, you can give them instant access to their paychecks. The PAY-CHEK program enables you to:

eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM
Fuel Card Service
eflatbed.com Fuel NetworkSM

Advantage Fuel Network

Cash and Express Cash Services
Pay-Chek Driver Settlement Service
Phone Card Service
Web Card Maintenance
Other Services Offered Through eflatbed.com's Alliance with T-Chek
T-Chek's Regulatory Compliance and License Reporting Services
Fuel Management Outsourcing

To learn more about the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM, click here.

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