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The eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM

The eflatbed.com Fuel Card+ can be used to pay for fuel, phone calls, hotels, repairs, and much more.

T-Chek Systems, Inc. and eflatbed.com have joined forces to bring financial and information solutions to flatbed motor carriers. Through this alliance, we created the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM, a unique cash advance and purchasing system. The eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM can be used to pay for fuel, phone calls, hotels, repairs, and much more. The card doubles as a cash card, a direct deposit service for driver paychecks, and a bookkeeping program to keep track of your company's fuel and cash expenses.

The Only Card You Need

The eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM is the only card flatbed carriers need to purchase fuel or other goods and services at truck stops across North America. This service enables you to:

Fuel Card Service
Drivers can use the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM to purchase fuel at virtually any truck stop in the United States or Canada, or at stops in a designated fuel network created by you. While this convenience minimizes the contact you need to have with your drivers on the road, you can still check in with the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM day and night, either online or via a toll-free call, enabling you to review and control your drivers' purchases and cash flow.

Discount Fuel Networks
The eflatbed.com Fuel Card+ offers access to two discount fuel networks: eflatbed.com Fuel NetworkSM and Advantage Fuel Network. By fueling at locations within these networks, you can reduce fuel costs.

eflatbed.com Fuel NetworkSM
With the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM, flatbed carriers receive point-of-sale discounts on fuel purchased at established eflatbed.com Fuel Network locations. This discount network of fuel locations includes more than 350 major truckstops. The eflatbed.com Fuel NetworkSM is available exclusively to members of eflatbed.com.

Advantage Fuel Network
Drivers can eliminate transaction fees by fueling at designated Advantage Fuel Network service locations and paying via the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM. There are over 500 Advantage Fuel Network locations across North America.

Cash and Express Cash Services
The eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM offers the capability to transfer cash directly to drivers for over-the-road purchases. With this service, drivers are provided fast cash at any time, in any amount, on a daily or weekly basis. The card can be used at ATM machines across North America.

Pay-Chek Driver Settlement Service
Use the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM to provide direct deposit service to your drivers' bank accounts so they can access final settlements while on the road. Account settlement activity can be closely monitored and audited through T-Chek's T-Trans software and Web reporting tools.

Phone Card Service
Using the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM phone service enables you to better manage and monitor drivers' phone costs for routine check-ins or emergencies by giving you the option to pre-pay on calling time.

Web Card Maintenance
The eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM can be activated, monitored, and managed in real-time via the Internet. With T-Chek's Web Card Maintenance, you receive complete control over card use (who, where, and how cards are used). You will also have access to detailed activity reports to help track business expenses. Card changes can be made in real-time, at any time.

To learn more about the eflatbed.com Fuel Card+SM, click here.

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