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Pittsburgh Logistics Systems, eflatbed.com Announce Name of New Holding Company

Rochester, PA, August 29, 2000 - Gregg A. Troian, CEO of Pittsburgh Logistics Systems, Inc. and eflatbed.com, announced today Quadrivius, Inc. as the name of the new holding company that will acquire eflatbed.com, Pittsburgh Logistics Systems, and its two subsidiaries, PLS International LP and InnerLink Strategic Solutions Inc. The name Quadrivius was selected because of its Latin meaning - a crossroads - the intersection of four roads - or in this case, four companies. Troian views the creation of this holding company as an opportunity "for our customers, carriers, and employees to travel the road to success, security and personal fulfillment together."

The new entity brings to these companies a common management structure and strategic benefits based on its logistics and technology expertise. The structure of the new organization will include a Board of Directors, a panel of external advisors, and an internal strategic leadership team. Troian will serve as CEO of Quadrivius. Joseph P. Morgan, Jr. will be the Executive Vice President of Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, and Employee Development and will continue as President of eflatbed.com. Joseph M. Vargo will be the Executive Vice President of Finance, Accounting, and Operations and will continue as President of Pittsburgh Logistics Systems.

"Quadrivius will help our companies exploit the changes in the economy and the marketplace and continue to be the leader in the online transportation and logistics industry," stated Troian.

Elicia Troese, eflatbed.com, 412-928-2639, or etroese@quadrivius.com

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