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eflatbed.com Names Oracle Primary Technology Provider In Ongoing Website Development

Pittsburgh, PA, July 25, 2000 - eflatbed.com, the only online logistics source dedicated solely to the flatbed shipping industry, has chosen Oracle Corp. as its primary provider to further develop its eCommerce logistics website. The announcement follows the June 5, 2000 implementation of eflatbed.com’s new web-based logistics management system, which is based on OracleÒ technology. Oracle is the largest provider of software for e-Business.

“This agreement solidifies our relationship with Oracle and reflects our commitment to give our customers accessibility to cutting-edge web technology that will also enable us to integrate with their applications quickly and easily,” said eflatbed.com President Joe Morgan. “We will leverage the Oracle Internet Platform and the OracleÒ e-Business suite to grow our Internet-based business and to deliver additional online logistics management solutions for carriers and shippers in the flatbed transportation marketplace.”

The planned additional service enhancements will enable eflatbed.com to incorporate carriers’ particular load preferences with advanced freight searching and route planning functions so they can attain a maximum loaded-mile potential. Shippers will benefit from eflatbed.com’s customizable workflow management and reporting tools.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, eflatbed.com (www.eflatbed.com) is the only Internet transportation marketplace dedicated to providing complete logistics services to flatbed motor carriers and shippers. The eflatbed.com exchange, which electronically links available freight opportunities with potential carriers, improves the efficiency of the flatbed transportation system by integrating the entire shipment transaction process online-from load planning to payment. eflatbed.com currently has strategic partnerships with FerrousExchange Inc and YardConnect.com.

Contact: Elicia Troese, eflatbed.com, 412-928-2639, or etroese@quadrivius .
Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.

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