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“Click and Ship” More Loads - Faster - with eflatbed.com’s Enhanced Website

New Site Offers Complete Web-Enabled Logistics Solution to the Flatbed Transportation Marketplace

PITTSBURGH, PA, June 14, 2000 - Shipping just got easier with the launch of eflatbed.com’s enhanced and improved website. Not only does the site have the ability to handle significantly increased volumes of shipments, but it now captures the entire transaction process in a secure Internet environment.

“Our newly revamped site can now handle thousands of loads per day, which represents a considerable improvement in our load-handling capabilities and gives our customers access to a much more expansive marketplace,” said Joe Morgan, President of eflatbed.com.

eflatbed.com was introduced in March as an online source focused on providing e-commerce logistics solutions to flatbed motor carriers and shippers. Now, eflatbed.com has transformed the site from one in which loads were electronically posted and awarded to one that truly integrates the entire shipment transaction process online-from load planning to payment. With these enhancements, eflatbed.com offers an unparalleled and complete web-enabled logistics solution to the flatbed transportation industry.

“From a shipping standpoint, for example, we broadened our online service offerings to include both the load planning and pick-up confirmation functionalities. Previously, these functions were performed using other methods, such as phone or fax,” said Mike Crawford, Vice President of Information Technology. “By electronically enabling the entire transaction, we’ve simplified the shipping connection. The velocity of the shipment life cycle increases, resulting in greater efficiencies for our customers.”

The revamped eflatbed.com site also offers customized reporting capabilities, which will allow carriers and shippers to make more intelligent business decisions. Other enhancements specifically for carriers include a more user-friendly site navigation system and the ability to make load offers using all the standard rate options-- flat, mileage, or per hundred weight (cwt).

Based on Oracle’s Internet Platform of products, the site also sets the framework for eflatbed.com to electronically interface carriers and shippers with complex organizational structures. Leveraging Oracle’s technology and services, eflatbed.com plans to aggressively increase the site’s functionality in the future.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, eflatbed.com is the only Internet transportation marketplace dedicated to providing complete logistics services solely to flatbed motor carriers and shippers. Visit our enhanced website at www.eflatbed.com.

Elicia Troese, eflatbed.com, 412-928-2639, or etroese@quadrivius
Jeff Nobers, Blattner Brunner, Inc., 412-995-9525, or jnobers@blatbrun.com

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