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eflatbed.com offers enrolled carriers Gateway computers at reduced prices through PC alliance.eflatbed.com Offers Enrolled Carriers Gateway™ Computers At Reduced Prices Through PC Alliance

In need of a new PC? You've come to the right place. eflatbed.com has teamed with Gateway to offer its carriers personal computers at discounted rates up to 12% off of regularly-priced computers. The discounts apply to Gateway™ E-Series desktop computers and Solo portable computers. Gateway will accept payment via company check, credit card, or COD. Special financing options are also available through Gateway.

To take advantage of this special offer, please contact us at
724-709-9000 x2161 or e-mail us at customerservice@quadrivius to get the information you need to complete your purchase through Gateway.

Note: This offer is only extended to carriers who are enrolled with eflatbed.com. It is valid until February 2002. If you are not enrolled with eflatbed.com and want to take advantage of this promotion, click here to enroll now. Once you have enrolled with eflatbed.com, you will be eligible to participate in our PC purchase program.

Gateway and the Gateway stylized logo are trademarks of Gateway, Inc.

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